06.02.12 – Solidarity without limits – action day against Fortress Europe!

On the 6th of February plenty of right-wing populists, neofascist movements and parties will come together in different places around Europe to take to the streets for their reactionary idea of superior “people” and “nations”. On the one hand we don’t want to accept this and therefore we call you to counter them firmly together taking a stand for political solidarity! On the other hand we want to proclaim this day Europe-wide as a day of action against Fortress Europe! The conditions in many places all over the world become more unstable with capitalism widening the gap between the poor […]

M18 – Against the Opening-Party of the ECB

Face the players, fight the game M18: Let´s crash the Opening-Party of the ECB The spring of 2015 will see another symbolic landmark in European crisis policy emerge with the opening of the new European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt. The ceremony will allow the representatives of the European member-states to pat themselves on the back for their crisis-solutions whilst using the celebrations to prepare themselves (and us) for the next round of austerity programmes. They want to institutionalize the state of exception. But a lot of people are going to crash the party – because the solutions for the […]

Antiauthoritarian mobilization against the Opening-Party of the ECB

March 18th 2015 will see the inauguration of a monument to European crisis policy when the new headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) opens in Frankfurt. At the ceremony, the representatives of the European member-states will pat themselves on the back for their crisis-solutions whilst using the celebrations to prepare for the next round. We will come from all over Europe to crash this party. In partnership with the ECB, the governments of Europe are implementing their rigid policies of austerity, which serve as restructuring programmes on behalf of the respective national elites. They are responsible for the social […]

‘Autonomous antifa’ yesterday, ‘criticism and practice’ today

Declaration concerning the new form and content of a radical left group in [f]rankfurt (Germany) Oh (…) who am I, really, I am a pig on a raft, On a raft on the tides of time, A symbol of transience, A point in space, a nothing in existence, Was there ever a tide, a raft, a pig?
 (Robert Gernhardt) Things can happen quickly. Barely ten years old and now this: after more than a decade of country-wide political work as ‘autonomous antifa [f]’, we are beginning a new chapter. That means a new name and a new concept. As ‘kritik […]

Blockupy Festival Workinggroup 6: Is the Reorganisation of the European Right a sign of the Weakness of the Left? The reactionary Roll-back and antifascist Counterstrategies

Right-wing populists and fascists from everywhere in Europe use the Crisis of neoliberal Legitimacy as an opportunity for the regroupment of their forces. They try to take advantage of the Austerity-Regime and its social consequences by reinforcing nationalist and racist tendencies in society. Furthermore new forms of authoritarian Movements have occurred. One consequence is that cultural based racism and religious Fundamentalism like Islamism now seem to mutually strengthen each other. Overall all right-wing forces seem to have taken over social milieus that used to be traditional strongholds of the left. In some cases they even try to take over self-aid […]